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The Formula for Riches which normally retails for $39.99 on Dr Hannes Dreyers own website is for FREE when you subscribeThis book alone is life changing and I have managed to secure this amazing deal for you.



You'll learn: 


How to turn 11 cents into $1,4 million in less than twenty seven months


How to become a multimillionaire, the step by step blueprint. (In less than 10 years and starting with zero!)


How to get 1,457.63% growth on your investment in one day



I have managed to secure a wonderful deal for my Customers. Normally this book sells for $39.99.  I have managed to secure this incredible deal only for my clients. 

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What is value? For me, it is the exchange of your time and or money in return for something that I have provided that is worth more than either of those 2 items.

This site is dedicated to those products, sites, services that I really think add value. Hence the name Something of real Value. If you are wanting to increase your WEALTH, HEALTH OR WELLLNESS, then you have found the right place. If you subscribe to my site and newsletters, I will provide you with a wide network of professional and experts in their fields in each of these areas. Please enjoy! The first product you will see is below for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION. Please explore the site for other items of great value. If you feel that I have wasted either your time or money or just general comments, please let me know here

You'll learn:


How to focus the powerful formula for riches to build incredible financial wealth.


The epic financial planning mistakes that cheat you out of your retirement. (Are you making these mistakes?)


The top 20 reasons people stay poor forever and how you can make sure you become and stay wealthy.


How to use the formula for riches to invest in business, direct response business and real estate.


Other Products of Value

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